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  1. One vision
  2. A Kind of magic
  3. Under pressure
  4. In the lap of the gods
  5. Spread your wings
  6. Save me
  7. Play the game
  8. It's a hard life
  9. Tie your mother down
10. Fat bottomed girls
11. Tear it up
12. Love of my life
13. The Show must go on
14. Who wants to live forever?
15. Too much love will kill you
16. I want to break free
17. Another one bites the dust-Dragon attack     (medley)
18. You take my breath away
19. Good old fashioned lover boy
20. Dreamer's ball
21. My melancholy blues
22. Hammer to fall
23. '39
24. Crazy little thing called love
25. Bohemian Rhapsody-Killer Queen (medley)
26. Somebody to love
27. Radio ga ga
28. Scandal
29. Was it all worth it
30. Keep yorself alive
31. In my defence
32. These are the day of our lives
33. Is this the world we created?
34. Las palabras de amor
35. We will rock you (Wembley version)
      We will rock you (Live Killers version)
36. Friends will be friends
37. We are the champions
38. Now I'm here

Live (Pula 2002)

Under pressure

Good old fashioned lover boy

Dreamer's ball

The show must go on

It's a hard life

Love of my life

I want to break free

We are the champions